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Popular Community Conversations

Be friendly – make your garden bee-friendly!

As summer has shut her doors and cooler temperatures take over, I realized, over the last several months, just how ultra-popular (and revered) bees reall...

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Trees of Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA ...

OK - so I need some expertise here ... my daughter and I went to Williamsburg/Jamestown, VA and oh the trees ... glorious, gorgeous trees ... everywhere! I took countless photos of them and my child remarked so many times how beautiful they all were and how she wish she knew what they were.

So ... I'm going to post some and would appreciate so much to know what they were. Forgive my igno...

Replies : 5  6      1
Rutabaga anyone?

Loved all the gardens in Williamsburg, VA! They supply the local restaurants/taverns with fresh vegetables and herbs. Everything was so beautiful and well maintained! 

This is just a small sampling ...

Would be curious to find out about other areas and local restaurants - if they use local gardens and farms for their vegetable, fruit supply. H...

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Drip Irrigation and water-saving with an app

As a rancher in Northern California, the severe drought now in its fifth year, forced me to look in how to make the most out of a diminishing water supply. For over two years, the black walnut trees on my property have not relied on surface water – they are alive and thriving solely on groundwater wells. I am among a growing number of people using today’s technology to make every drop ...

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Plant health care, is it in your cards?

Questions for non-plant health care tree companies.

Why invite your competitors to your client’s doorstep?

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Sustainable Landscapes

Winter is a great time for planning. More and more often I have clients asking me about design ideas for sustainable landscaping. This isn't a trend that's going away. It's here to stay, and it makes perfect sense. Those of us in the industry are getting on board and it's incredibly exciting! Even the ASLA has a Sustainable Sites Initiative! ...

Plants to Help You Sleep Better

If you have trouble sleeping like I do, you might find this helpful. I'm not big on taking meds, so I prefer a more holistic way of dealing with things like insomnia. I have been researching and adding plants in your bedroom is supposed to help. I saw a lot of videos and read articles on this. Here's one that will tell you about the best plants for your sleeping area (it's a bit cheesy, but s...

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Have Yourself a Pest-Free Holiday!

Happy holidays! Here's a little gift from Green Palm - some pest advice as the holiday season winds down:
Keep firewood away from your home to avoid bringing in spider and other insects.Inspect wreaths and trees both real or artificial. Artificial check before packing away. And the real ones after the season, keep far from your home and dispose of properly.Secure trash and rec...

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