Welcome to the Green Touch Hub community network, the first multimedia platform created for the hands-on individuals, craftsmen and industry innovators who grow, beautify and maintain the greenscape of our amazing planet!

Network Feature

Network Features

Instant Networking and Community Engagement

Green Touch Hub is the first multimedia platform created for the hands-on individuals, artisans and industry innovators who grow, beautify and maintain the greenscape of our amazing planet!. Members enjoy a feature rich network in a friendly community environment built upon collaboration, communication, and innovation.

Member Network

Membership grants you exclusive access to Green Touch Hub’s user network, a multimedia platform for industry innovators. Members gain access to a network home page with an array of essential tools and features.

Post Types

Text Post

Create public or private text posts, announcements, or status updates and instantly connect with your peers and coworkers. Members can employ a variety of posting tools, including text editors, text compression, as well as comment and reply to other member’s posts.


Posts can be made public or private, directed at specific audiences, or shared even further. Posts and comments can also be up/down-voted, allowing for real-times reactions and trending topics.

  • Streamlined posting and commenting system.
  • Live Editing and Deletion, even after the post has published.
  • Live Tagging. Connect your posts with other members in your network.
  • Up/Down voting. Discover trending topics and what members are reacting to.

Event Post

Post custom events, gatherings, and meetings. Schedule times, set locations, and add full descriptions to your events. Members can also RSVP to invitations, and make scheduling changes after publishing.


Event posts are fully customizable, with privacy options, information fields, and live RSVP information for invitees. Maps and GPS services are also available to enhance and streamline event coordination.

  • Customizable fields for location, time, and event details.
  • Live RSVP system.
  • Maps and GPS services.
  • Live commenting, up/down-voting, and RVSP Status updates with all events.

Photo Post

Share photos and albums with other members in your network. Organize your content in galleries and albums, share your content, and highlight other members in your photos with live photo tagging.


Photos can be grouped and organized into albums and galleries, with full tagging and sharing options available. Share multiple photos at once, or group photos by tag or user.

  • Single and Multiple photo posts and post editing.
  • Adjustable privacy and share settings.
  • Live tagging, including users and contacts.
  • Full commenting and up/down-voting for local and shared content.

Video Post

Post and share video highlights with your connections. Members also can share videos found elsewhere on the web, with in-line video players available in each post.


Videos can be user uploaded and posted, or organized into albums and galleries. Live tagging function is also available to highlight other members or organize content.

  • Integrated video player. Content is available without having to leave Green Touch Hub
  • Compatible with Youtube and other media sharing sites.
  • Live Tagging. Share your content with your target audience.
  • Up/down voting. See which videos are currently trending.

Conversation Post

Green Touch Hub members can enjoy streamlined chat and discussion with other members. Participate in one-to-one chat sessions with your peers, or start a group conversation and conduct an online meetup. Set your status and know which of your connections are online at any time.


User conversations can be archived for later reference, as well as shared publicly or privately. Members can also display their online status with in-site privacy and networking settings

  • Online/Offline status available.
  • Full text editing software, with customizable colors and emoji options.
  • Instant messaging and video chat available.
  • Share and archive your conversation logs.

Member Connections

Your user network home page connects you with peers, coworkers, and hundreds of other industry professionals. With Green Touch Hub's powerful networking software, you can view currently active users, mutual connections, and similar users based on your profile. Create a network of colleagues and professionals, share content, and collaborate with members across the industry.

Marketing Tools

Green Touch Hub provides members with essential marketing and multimedia tools. Connect and engage with peers and colleagues through our integrated marketing utilities and create newsletters, web pages, and more.


Inform and update your network and colleagues on the latest trends and topics with customizable Newsletters. Green Touch Hub provides a suite of tools to create, present, and publish your own Newsletter, complete with graphics, customizable text, and media.

Company Profile

Just as members can create a personal profile, companies can also customize and publish a profile that best represents their business, mission, and values. Profiles are member created, and Green Touch Hub provides publishing utilities complete with customizable text, graphics, and media.

Blog Post

For engagement and status updates beyond internal employees and colleagues, Green Touch Hub provides members with blogging software, allowing companies to publish public updates and post. Create and share content with a wider member audience, and share blog posts with full social media integration, complete with customizable text, graphics, and media.

Calendar Share

Green Touch Hub members can employ a variety of advanced calendar and scheduling tools from within their network home page. The calendar application is fully equipped with customizable events and dates, and can store multiple categories of events and tags. Schedule, collaborate, and share events with other members and contacts.

Calendar Share Details Popup

Each calendar event is deeply customizable, allowing members to fully schedule, plan, and collaborate with other members on projects and dates. All calendar posts can also share related media and content, and can be adjusted further even after being published.


For each event, members can fully adjust the information and data to their liking. All events can be customized with start and end dates, as well as tagged with users and relevant media.

  • Title and schedule projects, with the options to set recurring dates and deadlines.
  • Tag and share calendar events with other members.
  • Attach media such as photos videos, and files to events.

Calendar Share Media Pop Up

Within each calendar event, members can also upload and share related media, such as images, videos, and files. Members can see and access essential documents and data within the event itself, allowing for even more streamlined scheduling.


A full dropdown menu contains a library of user uploaded media, as well as the ability to upload multiple filetypes, including images, videos, and documents.

  • Integrated into the calendar application through the event menu.
  • stores and hosts multiple filetypes.
  • Images and videos can be shared and added to events.
  • Essential documents such as schedules and bulletins can be added to events.

Contact Manager

Each network home page also provides members with a full contact manager, allowing members to select, edit, and manage their connections and peer network. Contacts can contain multiple fields, including business categories and location.

Additional Features

Contacts can also be imported and exported between Green Touch Hub and multiple address books. Additionally, each contact contains several shortcut buttons for swift access to composing a message, sending a document, or editing.

File Manager

For document submission, Green Touch Hub offers a document uploading suite with a variety of tools and options. Upload multiple file types including word processor documents and images, archive and date uploads, and search among existing submissions.

Image Editor

For uploaded images, Green Touch Hub members have access to a wide range of image enhancement and adjustment tools. Scale, crop, and rotate pictures, or edit color with integrated filters and presets. Enhance images with drawings, stickers, and text, and collaborate with other users on submitted images.

Member Listings

Expand your professional network with integrated member listings and search engine software. Create new connections and seek out other members in the industry using built in profile tagging, submissions, and professional listings.

Job Board

Green Touch Hub’s Job Board allows users to create and search through detailed posts and listings across the site. Create comprehensive job listings or create greater exposure for your own resume and connect with other professionals in the industry.

Job Details

Each job listing is equipped with detailed informational fields, allowing members to specify their needs and further categorize their post. All listings contain fields for company profiles or websites, an application option, and the ability to share the listing across multiple social media platforms.

Job Applications

For members seeking positions, each listing contains a digital application, complete with fields to submit your personal information, as well as upload photos, resumes, and cover letters. In addition, each application is protected with advanced captcha software to protect against spam and malware.

Job Listing

For members posting open positions, each listing contains a drop down menu complete with fields to submit more information about the job, employers, location, and skills required. Just as with the Application, all job listings are password protected and moderated by captcha software to prevent false listings, spam, and malware.