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Starting an At-Home Nursery Business
By: Admin    August 19 2018 , 09:57 pm
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Category: Gardening , Business
Want to put your green thumb to work? If you have a passion for all things green, then the plant nursery business could be for you! Starting and managing an at-home nursery is a very rewarding business. With the right attention, it can be very profitable and the convenience of being right in your backyard cannot be beat. Here are some tips to get started. Tips and Tools of the Trade Make sure you have the necessary land to grow plants, and then decide which plants you will grow in your nursery. It is a good idea to specialize in plants that are in demand and cannot be found at local garden centers. This will help generate more business for you. Many gardeners depend on nurseries to have more unique choices than big box stores. You will want to consider things like growth time, how easy it is to care for the plant, and curb appeal. Not every person coming into your nursery ...