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Building a Successful Home Inside and Out
By: Admin    December 12 2016 , 07:29 pm
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We are building a new home - when should we look into landscape design?

The time is finally here! You’re building a new home! This is an exciting yet potentially stressful endeavor. For so many people the idea of additionally planning a landscape design for their new home can seem a like daunting and intimidating task. This task often times comes as an afterthought in order of importance. Ideally though, the partnership of architecture and landscape design should be in conjunction with each other! 

Landscape and Architecture Together

By developing a landscape plan in conjunction with the architectural design, you will enjoy a better building experience, a fabulously superior end result, and a significant saving in the overall cost. Savvy homeowners are those that recognize that the key to a successful project is to take a "big picture" approach to design by involving the landscape designer along with the architect and builder in the earliest stages of the process.


The design of the property along with the design of the house brings better organization to a project. If the landscape designer, architect and builder can think everything through together, it not only helps to meet the homeowners' requirements, but often elevates their goals. It enables continuity between the construction of the home and its outdoor amenities like pools, patios and plantings. It also ensures that the structure works well with the elevations of the property, including such considerations as the best way to enter the property and the ideal number of steps to access the house.

Make it a Priority

Landscape designers can often enhance the builder’s outcome by helping to identify the property's positive or negative attributes. Addressing these elements at the initial stages of the design can help save time, and avoid potential problems.

Landscape planning as an afterthought can also result in an array of costly functional and aesthetic challenges. For example, improper elevations can cause drainage problems or create the need for retaining walls or sump pumps. Solving drainage problems can get very expensive and sometimes it is almost impossible to resolve the issues if the house is set too low in relation to the property. Building retaining walls increases material costs and their excessive use can detract from a home's curb appeal.

Hence, having your landscaper and builder work in unison, will help you avoid situations like this.

Similar Goals

The main objectives of landscape design are very similar to the architectural design of the home itself--the main difference is that the rooms are outside, not inside. The primary goal should be to merge the home with its natural surroundings to create a sense of place. You should want to avoid the feeling that the house was literally dropped out of the sky onto the ground. 

While planning the home of your dreams, keep in mind that the home should be considered part of--not separate from--the outside property. Whether you plant evergreens for privacy, create outdoor rooms for entertaining, or install swimming pools or perennial gardens, you should be able to enjoy every aspect of your property - inside and out!

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