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Preserving the Pollinators: Are Pesticides Really Harmful to Bees?
By: Admin    August 28 2017 , 11:32 am
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Bees pollinate one out of three bites of food that we eat. All humans eat, so all humans should be aware of the current dangers to bee health. In 1945 there were over 4.5 million bee hives in the world. A 30% decrease each year in beehives has left us with only 2 million hives. Yet there has been a 300% increase in crops that require bee pollination since World War II. In areas of the world where there are limited numbers of bees, farmers now painstakingly pollinate their crops by hand. Over fifty types of fruits and vegetables depend upon bees for pollination, including almonds, berries, apples, celery, mustard, sweet potatoes, and watermelon.Pesticides: A Silent Threat?Some of the threats to bee health include diseases, parasites, and pesticides. There are many organizations, such as Bayer Bee, working to preserve the pollinators of our nations. Diseases and parasites like the varroa mite are the num...