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Teaching Kids to Appreciate Nature
By: Admin    July 06 2018 , 06:00 am
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Category: Children , Nature
Some of the best childhood memories are made outside. Children’s imagination and energy should be nurtured, and nature is the perfect teacher. Playing outdoors is not only great for a child’s physical health but provides mental, social and academic benefits to their development through adolescence. Leave the video games inside and connect with nature instead! What’s So Great About Outside? Studies have shown that there is an academic advantage to the great outdoors. Science test scores improve by 27 percent when schools incorporate nature-based education and outdoor classrooms. Kids who are allowed unstructured playtime outside have improved social relations. They tend to learn about teamwork, make friends easier, and problem-solve which are critical life skills. Interacting with nature has also been shown to enhance children’s cognitive abilities and reduce sympto...