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A History of Coffee
By: Admin    November 13 2017 , 04:15 pm
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Coffee is a delicious part of everyday life around the world. Whether it is a morning cappuccino, an afternoon coffee break at work, an evening espresso date, or a decaf café au lait before bed, coffee is so deeply ingrained into civilization that it is hard to imagine a world without this precious bean. But where did coffee originate, and how did it become such a phenomenon?Most historical records point to coffee’s originating country as Ethiopia. Legend has it that about a millennium ago, a goatherd named Kaldi found his missing goats acting hyperactive after eating berries from a nearby plant. The berries turned out to be a cherry-like fruit whose seeds are now known as the famous coffee bean. Kaldi brought the berries to some monks nearby to have the abbot investigate. The abbot made the berry seeds into a drink that kept him awake all night for evening prayers. News of the energizing berry spre...
Bushy Tail, Busy Life: All About Gray Squirrels
By: Admin    October 20 2017 , 11:15 am
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Category: Nature , Seasons , Facts , Did You Know?
All About Gray SquirrelsIf you have a lengthy to-do list that keeps you running around this autumn, then you have something in common with a certain long-tailed, furry lawn inhabitant: the gray squirrel! The Gray Squirrel is one of many different types in the squirrel species, and the most common. Despite the fact that these creatures can also be very invasive in some areas, they lead a fascinating life out of human sight. Have you ever looked out your window and wondered about these light-footed mammals, seemingly as busy as humans? Ever speculated about where they come from, or why they seem to forage all day and do nothing else? Here are a few less common facts about gray squirrels, and why they provide an entertaining case study for everyone, from the fall enthusiast to the casual lawn spectator.Two types of Gray Squirrel are indigenous to the US: the Eastern Gray and the Western Gray. The Western ...