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Team Building Activities
By: Admin    May 16 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Work , Entertainment
Team building exercises are common among workplaces. The purpose is to help increase team performance, motivation, networking, collaboration skills, and communication. It can be a very useful tool! Since the weather is warming up, you and your co-workers may be starting to catch a bit of spring fever. This is a great opportunity to spend some time out of the office and work on team building skills.Rock ClimbingIf your team is up for a real challenge, rock climbing has recently gained popularity as a team-building exercise. Not only will rock climbing excite your employees more than doing trust falls in the parking lot, but it is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping. A team that sweats together, stays together! Because there is a challenge involved, you can expect to see confidence levels increase when the team overcomes that challenge. Rock climbing takes a lot of trust, so if one of your goals is ...
The Road Best Traveled
By: Admin    November 20 2017 , 05:25 pm
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Happiness Is an Open Road...Taking road trips across the United States is a great way to learn history, enrich your appreciation of nature, and have fun. Besides a car with a fresh tank of gas and a camera, you will not need to pack much else for these breathtaking adventures across some of the country’s most fascinating roads.Overseas Highway – Cross the seas to reach the Keys113 miles of gorgeous ocean viewsThe Florida Keys are a beautiful destination in and of themselves, but the highway to get there is an adventure of its own. 113 miles – most of which take you over bridges crossing the Florida Keys – provide ample photograph opportunities. Just be patient with fellow travelers, because traffic along this route can get congested.While you take your time on the Highway, make sure to stop at some of the islands along the way. You can see turtles, dolphins, shipwrecks, barracuda, an under...
Top Hollywood Movies for Gardening Buffs
By: Admin    November 09 2017 , 12:48 pm
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Category: Entertainment , Nature , Garden , Fun
Films for Green ThumbsThe weather is changing to the cold days of autumn and winter, and that means cuddling under blankets indoors and watching movies! Here are some ideas for the garden lovers, nature fans, or farming buffs in your life.For a scary movie night:Little Shop of Horrors (1986, PG-13) is a dark comedic musical that features a man-eating plant named Audrey II. Rick Moranis stars in this classic film directed by Frank Oz that was nominated for 2 Academy Awards. It’s a classic movie that any plant lover is sure to have heard about.The Day of the Triffids (1963) is a science fiction horror film that has seen several adaptations. All of earth’s inhabitants are blinded by a meteor shower, and due to their blindness, killer plants take over and terrorize humanity.For a date night:All That Heaven Allows (1955) is a classic film that shows the budding romance between an older widow and a young...