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All About Blacksmithing
By: Admin    July 09 2018 , 09:48 am
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Category: Tools , Handmade
Blacksmithing is an ancient and powerful craft.The art of blacksmithing has been around since Egyptian times, according to historians. Blacksmithing helped society to evolve by creating tools, goods, and weapons of war. There are still blacksmiths today, though it is not nearly as common a practice as it was 200 years ago. If you are searching for a unique skill, look no further.Blacksmithing ToolsBefore you start hammering a hot piece of red metal, you will need to buy your equipment. The biggest investment you will make is a forge. There are a few options from which to choose. You can purchase a coal, charcoal, or propane fueled forge. Coal is the cheaper and more common option. It burns hotter, longer, and is easier to light than its charcoal competitor, but because of environmental concerns, it is not as readily available in every state, due to regulations. Charcoal is the same substance used to li...
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Using Your Garden Bounty for Halloween Tricks and Treats
By: Admin    October 18 2017 , 10:02 am
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Category: Food , DIY , Seasons , Garden , Handmade , Fun
Healthy Halloween TreatsMost people think of Halloween as a junk food holiday, but there are a variety of surprising ways to incorporate fresh produce into your Halloween festivities!Balance out all those sugar rushes with these Halloween treats from your garden or farmer’s market.Beets are in season in the fall, and they are a perfect vegetable for spooky snacks, due to their red fleshy appearance. They can pass as “rat tails” or this brains dish made with beets and cauliflower. Another spooky use for beets can be to incorporate the juice into recipes to make anything look grotesque, such as this bloody hand used in a smoothie.Another great fall vegetable is the carrot. You can make creepy “carrot fingers” by using carrots, cream cheese, and sliced almonds as the finger nails. Another fun use for carrots is to make them into little mummies by draping shreds of cheese around baby carrots and ...
Getting Your Yard Halloween Ready
By: Admin    October 17 2017 , 03:22 pm
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Category: DIY , Lawn Care , Seasons , Handmade , Landscape , Fun
Tips for a Fun, Safe HalloweenWhat is better than dressing up your children or pets in cute costumes, putting ghost decorations in your yard, and serving up some witches’ brew to your friends?Halloween is one of the most fun and affordable holidays for families to celebrate. The cost per person is relatively low compared to a holiday such as Christmas, so everyone can participate easily. This holiday is best enjoyed when you and your family are being safe. With an estimated 179 million people celebrating Halloween this year, your front yard will probably be bustling with trick-or-treaters. Here are some tips to make your yard fun and safe.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that homeowners remove objects from their yards and pathways like bikes and garden hoses that can trip children. Also make sure there are no clotheslines, lawn ornaments, or wire fencing in your yard that can trip up tri...
Fall-tastic Uses for Pumpkins and Gourds
By: Admin    October 17 2017 , 01:19 pm
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Category: Food , DIY , Seasons , Art , Handmade , Ideas
Fall has so many enjoyable pastimes…One of the most beloved fall traditions is visiting a pumpkin patch. The prospect of finding the perfect pumpkin, or taking home charming miniature gourds, is a delightful one.Commonly found on front porches across America, members of the gourd family are standard home ornaments this time of year. They are also perfect for artistic minds, chefs, and crafters! This autumn, prepare to think outside the patch with some exciting, unusual uses for the pumpkins and gourds in your life.Pumpkins in Your Household DécorThe pumpkin, a ribbed, jolly orange member of the gourd family, is a quintessential fall staple for many reasons. Whether found in a pumpkin pie or carved on the front steps, pumpkins are known for their versatility: the question is, how can you get more creative than the classic jack-o-lantern look this fall?If you are planning to carve pumpkins the old-fas...
5 Spring Up-cycle Projects
By: Admin    May 19 2017 , 12:55 pm
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Category: Eco-Friendly , Birds , Nature , DIY , Garden , Art , Handmade
Spring has arrived, bringing blue skies, soothing breezes, and buds bursting to bloom - the perfect inspiration for crafty projects that brighten up the outdoors and take full advantage of the season!Bird feedersThe return of chirping and nesting birds to your garden is one of spring’s most notable delights. Give your avian guests some love by creating a cute feeder for them!If you have wine bottles hanging around, turn them into truly stunning feeders. This guide from The Garden-Roof Coop shows you how, though it requires drilling knowledge. For something simpler and kid-friendly, this bird feeder project on Instructables uses a plastic jar and a Frisbee, and is a great way to get kids involved with a project they will love personalizing!Old baking dishes can have renewed purpose for the birds. Here are guides for using a muffin tin ...