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Happy Single Tasking Day
By: Admin    February 22 2018 , 08:15 pm
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On February 22nd we celebrate Single Tasking Day! In today’s fast-paced society it has become customary to do two, sometimes even three or four things at once.Most of them involve incorporating our devices into everyday routines such as reading emails while eating or cooking, texting and driving, and talking on the phone while doing household chores.Is Multitasking Worthwhile?How many tabs or windows do you have open on your computer right now while reading this? Are you also listening to music or watching television? According to a study done by the American Psychological Association, trying to multitask actually takes you longer to complete one task than it would have if you would have given it your undivided attention in the first place. It takes your brain about a tenth of a second to switch focus between the different tasks you are trying to complete. Although this does not seem like much time, ...
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Nature’s Helpers: Herbs and Extracts and Their Health Properties
By: Admin    February 21 2018 , 04:11 pm
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Category: Health , Nature
Nature’s Helpers: Herbs and Extracts and Their Health PropertiesHerbs are not only delicious additions in cooking, but may also have various medicinal and health uses.MintThis aromatic herb is enjoyed in tea, mojitos, and numerous desserts. It may also have some health properties! Mint is an excellent source of vitamin A, and spearmint (a type of mint) is a wonderful source of iron and manganese.There is some possibility that mint can be helpful for treating IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), tension headaches, or indigestion. Some pregnant women find relief chewing on mint gum or sipping mint tea when they suffer from morning sickness. Horse Chestnut Seed ExtractExciting research about chestnut seeds has come out that is great news for varicose vein sufferers!While actual horse chestnut seeds are poisonous, the extract can be very beneficial. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integ...
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