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How to Start an Indoor Garden
By: Admin    April 24 2018 , 11:57 am
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Category: Home , Gardening
Gardening Indoors A yard or garden is not necessary to indulge your green thumb! Many plants can thrive indoors with the right care. Setting the Stage With a few purchases at a home goods store, you can set up a chic garden indoors. There are numerous ways to set up an eye-catching indoor garden that will not require lots of space. Utilize your walls for hanging arrangements or add shelving to create dramatic texture to your garden.Many stores sell fixtures that can arrange plants nicely. This baker’s rack from Hayneedle can be used to arrange plants in an attractive way. There are cheaper options too, such as this garden stand from Walmart.You can also display plants in terrariums, vases, bowls, or terra cotta pots to fit the style of your garden.Lighting NeedsBring the sun indoors to your garden!Most plants need about 14 to 16 hours of sunlight a day in order to thrive. Even lig...
Choosing Between a Wood Stove and a Fireplace
By: Admin    March 23 2018 , 05:28 pm
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Category: Home , Ideas
Wood-Burning Stoves vs. FireplacesWinter is a perfect time to get a crackling fire going in your house. But is it better to have a fireplace or a wood stove to warm your home? Here are some comparisons to help you decide! Aesthetic BeautyThe way a fireplace or a wood-burning stove looks can be a huge decision-making factor for a homeowner.Nothing says “cozy” as successfully as a warm crackling fire in the winter time. Most people love fireplaces for their aesthetic charm – and of course, being able to have a decorated mantel above a fireplace is a beloved Christmas tradition! Here are a few beautiful fireplaces:This eye-catching stone fireplaceThis fireplace mantel all decorated for ChristmasAn ornate mantel on displayWood burning stoves tend to be bulky and awkward-looking, although with the right elements they can be stylish additions to a home. Here are some ideas for a wood stove from Pi...