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Happy Single Tasking Day
By: Admin    February 22 2018 , 08:15 pm
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Category: Health , Ideas
On February 22nd we celebrate Single Tasking Day! In today’s fast-paced society it has become customary to do two, sometimes even three or four things at once.Most of them involve incorporating our devices into everyday routines such as reading emails while eating or cooking, texting and driving, and talking on the phone while doing household chores.Is Multitasking Worthwhile?How many tabs or windows do you have open on your computer right now while reading this? Are you also listening to music or watching television? According to a study done by the American Psychological Association, trying to multitask actually takes you longer to complete one task than it would have if you would have given it your undivided attention in the first place. It takes your brain about a tenth of a second to switch focus between the different tasks you are trying to complete. Although this does not seem like much time, ...
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Dandelions: The Edible and Medicinal Wildflower
By: Admin    November 13 2017 , 08:03 am
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Category: Food , Nature , DIY , Fun , Ideas
All About DandelionsDandelions are truly surprising little wildflowers. Far from being a rare gem, they grow abundantly in every continent. Often referred to as the “wishing flower” children know where to find them while blowing and wishing upon their light gray petals. But did you know that dandelions have many uses and benefits? They are known as a healing flower with nutrients that can be used for edible delights such as jams, teas, wines, and even pesto!Health BenefitsDandelions contain vitamins A, C, K and are rich in calcium, iron, and antioxidants. The health benefits range from skin care maintenance to cancer prevention. Additionally, dandelions are a natural diuretic making them great as a detox or aid in weight loss. For a more in-depth analysis, click here to check out 13 health benefits of these little flowers.Dandelion JamThis jam is tasty, syrupy, sweet, and loved by many. I...
Fall-tastic Uses for Pumpkins and Gourds
By: Admin    October 17 2017 , 01:19 pm
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Category: Food , DIY , Seasons , Art , Handmade , Ideas
Fall has so many enjoyable pastimes…One of the most beloved fall traditions is visiting a pumpkin patch. The prospect of finding the perfect pumpkin, or taking home charming miniature gourds, is a delightful one.Commonly found on front porches across America, members of the gourd family are standard home ornaments this time of year. They are also perfect for artistic minds, chefs, and crafters! This autumn, prepare to think outside the patch with some exciting, unusual uses for the pumpkins and gourds in your life.Pumpkins in Your Household DécorThe pumpkin, a ribbed, jolly orange member of the gourd family, is a quintessential fall staple for many reasons. Whether found in a pumpkin pie or carved on the front steps, pumpkins are known for their versatility: the question is, how can you get more creative than the classic jack-o-lantern look this fall?If you are planning to carve pumpkins the old-fas...
Choosing an Outdoor Covered Structure
By: Admin    April 28 2017 , 05:38 pm
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Category: Hardscape , Advice , Landscape , Ideas
Outdoor covers range from three different types: Patio covers, pergolas, and gazebos. All three options will no doubt improve the quality of your great outdoors but let us take a deeper look into the nature of each one in order to discover which one is best for you.Patio CoversPatio covers are the most permanent structures as they are literally an extension of your home. They are the most expensive structures, and most time-consuming to build, but offer the best protection from sun and rain. Patio covers are great protectors from the elements because they are built with sturdy roofs made out of either safety glass or polycarbonate (look here to find which type you prefer for your roof). Patio covers can become such an extension of your home that, because of their sturdy protection, you can install and outdoor kitchen or even a TV and living room area. Additionally, curtains can be added or walls built ...
Landscape Lighting Made Easy
By: Admin    February 27 2017 , 03:07 pm
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Category: Garden , Landscape , Ideas
A landscape lighting system does not have to be costly and most certainly does not need to be installed by a professional. A hands-on homeowner with a cache of everyday tools is all that is needed. The best bang for your buck is to take a trip to your local big box store like Home Depot or Lowes. The aforementioned stores will have everything you need for your landscape lighting project. This article will focus on the use of LED light fixtures. LED light fixtures last quite a long time with the added benefit of not having to replace a bulb. An additional benefit of LED light fixtures is they use less wattage than a standard bulb fixture. If you are interested in comparing the watt usage of lights, the usage is usually found on the packaging of the LED light fixture.Path Lights:Path lights come in various styles and colors. Path lights are used to illuminate an entry, driveway, steps or walkway. It is b...