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Irrigating with Greywater
By: Admin    March 29 2017 , 02:05 pm
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In order to save money and eat higher-quality food, many people are turning to growing their own vegetables. I am certainly part of that group! I look forward to this time of year but honestly, the considerable water use has always bothered me (and my bank account!).  Like me, you are probably irrigating your yard with drinking water, since the same water that comes out of your kitchen faucet also comes out of your hose. But do your plants need drinking water? It turns out that most plants are actually perfectly happy with gently used water from showers, bathtubs, laundry and sinks: say hello to greywater!Greywater (also “graywater") is water that has been used for washing dishes, laundering clothes, or bathing. Essentially, any water other than toilet wastes that drains from a household is considered greywater.Greywater may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household clean...