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Beginner’s Guide to Nature Photography
By: Admin    July 27 2018 , 02:36 pm
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Category: Photography , Nature
“Every moment is an opportunity to capture, in that moment, something quite special.” Kaarina Dillabough, winner of Greentouchhub’s 2017 photo contest, said this in reference to her passion for nature photography. If you have ever been hiking or simply stared out a window at just the right moment, you know the feeling of wanting to capture the way the sun’s rays are peeking through the branches, or how water is curving around the rocks in a stream. With today’s technology, you can easily hone the craft of taking wonderful photographs of the natural world! Dillabough advised fellow nature photographers to “Snap away, stay aware. Heighten your senses to see things that others don’t see or pay attention to. Don’t strive for perfection, but rather, be in the moment. Trust your instincts.” With this in mind, you can easily start to find the right subjects for your photo...
Pinhole Photography Day
By: Admin    April 27 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Photography , Facts
April 29th, 2018 is Pinhole Photography Day!Celebrated annually on the last Sunday of April, this day gives photography enthusiasts the chance to appreciate the pinhole camera.Nowadays, it seems like technology is advancing with every breath. VHS tapes became DVDs, which then became digital downloads. Cellphones have replaced traditional landline phones. Digital cameras are the new film camera. Although it is hard to find a VHS tape or landline phone today, there is still a large appreciation for the camera in all its forms. Pinhole Photography Day is just one of those ways to celebrate this wonderful tool.What Is A Pinhole Camera?The first detailed sketches and ideas that shaped the pinhole camera date back to famous Italian Renaissance inventor and artist, Leonardo Da Vinci in 1485. The images went from being projected on the wall to being printed on film in 1850, thanks to Sir David Brewster, a Scot...
Green touch hub Photo Contest Winner 2017
By: Admin    January 24 2018 , 04:14 pm
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A Renaissance Woman Living in A Digital Age Green Touch Hub recently interviewed Kaarina Dillabough, the winner of our photography contest, and asked her what it is like to see the natural world through a creative lens. A shot of Kaarina Dillabough “in action” Nuts and Bolts of the TradeKaarina has been taking photographs all her life, and has some wisdom to impart to budding photographersA flower and butterfly shot by Kaarina DillaboughGreen Touch Hub had the privilege of speaking to Kaarina Dillabough, the winner of our recent photography contest.  We asked her if she does photography for work or for fun, and how she shoots photos.“[I’m] just a hobby photographer, strictly for enjoyment.” Kaarina said. She’s been doing it her whole life, and she uses a “a very simple ‘point and shoot’ camera, Canon Power Shot SX 710HS”.  When asked what her advice is to aspiring pho...