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Closing Your Pool for the Winter Season
By: Admin    October 11 2017 , 12:47 pm
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Category: Hardscape , DIY , Pools , Seasons
The end of summer is a crucial time for pool owners.Temperatures are dropping and so can your yearly pool maintenance costs, depending on how you prepare your pool for winter. While many people hire outside help to close their pools, you can save hundreds of dollars by doing the work yourself; and the best news is that winterizing your water does not have to take all day! With the proper tools and a few hours at home, you can close your own in-ground or above-ground pool this season – and gain some valuable experience for years to come.Closing In-Ground PoolsWhen preparing your in-ground pool for winter, a good place to start is with the water itself: do not drain it too low. Keeping the correct water levels through wintertime will be crucial to your pool liner’s health, so make sure to drain no lower than just below the skimmer. Checking the pH levels (how acidic your water is), and balancing your...
Choosing the Right Pool for Your Home
By: Admin    March 13 2017 , 04:25 pm
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Category: Hardscape , Pools
Are you thinking about installing a pool in your backyard? Water is not only beautiful but therapeutic. A pool can be a fun addition to your home but is not a small addition. Before making the exciting purchase here are a few things to consider:Inground Pool vs. Above Ground PoolAn inground pool is going to be a bigger investment than an above ground pool, not just in cost but also in installation time and maintenance. If you are the type of person to say “go big or go home” then you might consider looking into an inground pool. These pools can be custom-made into whatever desired shape and size and last for a very long time. If you design your pool to be at least 34 feet long then you have created a wonderful exercise opportunity for swimming laps. Inground pools are made from three different materials: concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Concrete is the most expensive but has the longest lifespan and...