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Natural Remedies for Back Pain
By: Admin    October 27 2017 , 03:10 pm
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Category: Nature , Spa , Advice
Suffering from Back Pain?This information is for all gardeners, wood workers, builders, desk sitters, or anyone dealing with back pain on a routine basis. A recent study showed that one in every ten people in the world suffer from lower back pain. This statistic makes back pain the number one worldwide cause of disability. Although often times needed and helpful, constantly taking pain killers is not always the healthiest option to relieve pain. Luckily, there are some natural remedies that that can help relieve back pain without the potential harm of too many medicines.Herbal TreatmentHerbs have been used for centuries to heal and enhance human life. These three herbs, namely, devils claw, ginger, and willow bark are known especially to heal back pain.Devils Claw is an herb taken by mouth that has been shown to reduce back pain. The herb comes from Africa and possesses chemicals that reduce swell...
Exciting, Unexpected Uses for Food Scraps
By: Admin    April 11 2017 , 10:56 am
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Not everyone knows the surprising abilities of certain food scraps that are commonly thrown away. Next time you tuck into one of your favorite foods, instead of trashing the remains, consult this handy list for how you can reuse and transform it into something totally different.Stone Fruit PitsThe huge pits that you typically throw away while prepping game day guacamole or summer peach pie are actually filled with interesting uses that you would never suspect.Avocado pits can be used to make rejuvenating facial scrubs. The pit is first dried out, then ground up and mixed with  natural oils or an organic facial cleanser. The pits are rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium, and many beauty bloggers swear by its ability to give your face a healthy and youthful glow. YouTube makeup artist Dulce Candy has a DIY video tutorial for the pit cleanser.You can dry pits from peaches, nectarines, ...