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Beautiful Trees of the South
By: Admin    April 10 2018 , 01:34 pm
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Category: Trees , Outdoors
Southern “Hospitali-Tree”!Homeowners in the southern United States have the unique opportunity to host some of these fascinating and beautiful trees on their lawns.Cherry BlossomThis stunning tree is a popular tourist attraction in our nation’s capital.Cherry blossom flowers are Japan’s national flower. In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo gave 3,000 cherry blossom trees to the United States as a gift. These trees provide springtime delight when they bloom, and they are celebrated each year at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. For homeowners interested in cultivating cherry blossom trees, it should be noted that they need particular conditions, and require a lot of maintenance and patience. Soil for cherry blossoms should be acidic and needs to be deep and well-draining. Cherry blossoms need full sunlight and they thrive when planted in multiples to help with pollination.Crepe MyrtleT...