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Growing Rainbow Vegetables
By: Admin    June 05 2018 , 11:32 pm
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Category: Vegetables , Garden
Vegetables come in all sorts of colors. When you think of standard supermarket vegetables like corn, you probably have set ideas of what colors they are. Corn is yellow, carrots are orange, and cauliflower is white. However, this is not always the case. There are actually an extraordinary range of varicolored vegetables, such as purple cauliflower and rainbow carrots. Best of all, you can grow many of these vegetables right in your backyard! Flint Corn Flint corn, or as it is commonly nicknamed, “Indian corn,” has been around for centuries, but it is not used as often as it was 300 years ago. Flint corn is a variant of maize and has a slightly different taste than the popular yellow variety. Though not as sweet as yellow corn, it is uniquely tasty and nutritious. Growing flint corn is not too different from growing yellow or sweet corn. Corn needs to grow in temperatur...