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All About Skunks
By: Admin    November 16 2017 , 12:57 pm
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Category: Animals , Nature , Garden , Videos , Advice
All About SkunksSkunks are often teasingly maligned throughout popular culture. Whether as the insufferably romantic Pepe le Pew cartoon character or an army of skunks in the family comedy Furry Vengeance, skunks are not exactly known for being man’s best friend.In reality, skunks are very friendly creatures that only spray their signature smell when they are threatened. Most of the time, skunks enjoy being around humans. According to Slate:    It is the skunk's confidence in that potent defensive weapon that makes its personality appealing. The critters, the size of a     small cat but with a wider rump and a bit of a waddle, are the opposite of aggressive. Most of the time they're curious,     playful, fearless, and calm (though in late winter, mating season, the males go haywire). A devil-may-care attitude does not     ...
A Brief Tutorial of Hydroponic Growing
By: Admin    September 28 2017 , 04:14 pm
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What Are Hydroponics?With our society’s increasing desire to live more sustainably, many people are interested in growing produce with minimal impact on the environment. Plants require soil, water, and sunshine to thrive. But what if a farmer could save valuable resources and skip the soil? That is exactly what hydroponic growing accomplishes. From the Latin roots “hydro” meaning water, and “ponos” meaning labor, hydroponics essentially translates to “laboring with water.” That is exactly what happens with hydroponic growing. Water is directly fed to the plant with a nutrient source added to the water. No soil is necessary, and the amount of water used can be as much or as little as needed, making this a very environmentally-friendly option for growing produce.The environmental benefits of hydroponic versus field and soil growing are numerous. Field crops use 10% more water than hydroponi...