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Customer Service Skills – What Does it Take to Be the Best?
By: Admin    October 13 2017 , 07:51 am
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Any successful company has excellent customer service. Adopting good customer service skills can help a business flourish. According to business trainer Kate Zabriskie, “The customer’s perception is your reality.”If customers perceive a business as great, then chances are the business is doing well. After all, it is the customers that keep a business going. Whether you own a small private business or work for a large company, here are a few customer service skills worth considering.Learn from the BestAmazon has been number one on the customer service charts for years. The company’s success stems from the work ethic of its founder, Jeff Bezos. From day one, Bezos has always put the customer first. In 2013, Salesforce came out with an article listing seven customer service lessons from Jeff Bezos. These lessons highlight Bezos’ genuine care and respect for the customer. For instance, Bezos...