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Growing Across the Globe
By: Admin    April 12 2018 , 01:16 pm
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Category: World , Agriculture
Agriculture informs culture.Without agriculture, we would not have civilizations and would still be roaming around “hunter-gatherer” style.Across the world, different civilizations began in various geographical locations. Geography determined what crops they could grow, where they could be grown, and who could grow them. Specific practices and challenges began to form around the planting and harvesting of food. Today, international trade and science have greatly advanced what people grow, when they can grow it, and where they can grow it. Even so, you can still see the fascinating differences in local farming and gardening around the globe.KenyaIn the country of Kenya in Africa, there is no time for leisurely gardening.With scarce water, Kenya’s crops are grown strictly for livestock, profit, and community food. Many of the crops that are grown today in Kenya are foreign-introduced crops such as ...