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Chore Chart for Your Summer Garden
By: Admin    July 05 2018 , 04:10 pm
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Need a chore schedule for your summer garden? 

It is easy to let those lazy summer days pass by in a haze. 

Optimize your garden with this month-by-month guide of the best way to budget your time this summer! You will have beautiful blooms the entire season, and be prepared for the autumn climate shift when the time comes. 


The first month of summer is a great time to get work done before the hottest days of summer approach. 

Take advantage of the beautiful June weather before the scorching heat of late summer and get all your seeds planted that you have been saving up. 

June is a great time to mulch if you want to reap the benefits. 

Mow your grass to about 2 1/2 inches in length. Any shorter can cause weeds and increase the damage done by drought. 

Deadhead and pinch back flowers and plants that need it. 

Succession planting can be a great way to plan crops for the summer. Start slowly with a small amount of the plant, and then wait a few weeks and plant more. This staggering is known as succession planting. 

Thinning fruit trees is a good way to prevent an overabundance of small fruit from growing on the tree and keeps the tree from getting too heavy. 

Keep an eye out for pests such as Japanese beetles and grubs. 


Midsummer can be a great time to take a breather and monitor your garden.

During the heat of summer, it might be a good idea to relax from all the spring time rigors of planting and potting. The most important thing is to make sure your garden is well-watered. Most plants need at least an inch of water a week.

Midsummer can be a great time to add compost to your plants.

July is an ideal time to stay on top of weeds before they get out of control in late summer.

Continue to pinch back and deadhead flowers.

Begin planting certain fall crops now.

Keep an eye on pests such as Japanese beetles and grubs. Nematodes – microscopic worms that destroy many pests without harming plants – can be a great way to control grubs.


The final days of summer are brutally hot, so do not neglect your garden!

Weed your garden. Weeds take resources away from plants that need them more.

Be on the lookout for water sprouts and tree suckers, which are extra unnecessary growths that sprout from trees or plants and rob valuable nutrients from them.

Check on your hanging plants.

Plant perennials such as sedum and black-eyed susan.

Top off mulch if it is looking sparse.

Add compost to give plants a boost before the colder months. Remember to aerate your    compost heap so it doesn’t dry out.

Keep your lawn well-watered.

Depending on what zone you are in, you might be ready to start your fall garden in August!

What are some of the annual summer chores you have for your garden? Let us know!

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Elena Patrice Jul 06,2018

Very helpful and informative post - appreciate it!!

Kevin Brady Jul 06,2018

This is excellent! It's so good to organize summer chores, that way nothing is forgotten.