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Dandelions: The Edible and Medicinal Wildflower
By: Admin    November 13 2017 , 08:03 am
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All About Dandelions

Dandelions are truly surprising little wildflowers.

Far from being a rare gem, they grow abundantly in every continent. Often referred to as the “wishing flower” children know where to find them while blowing and wishing upon their light gray petals. But did you know that dandelions have many uses and benefits? They are known as a healing flower with nutrients that can be used for edible delights such as jams, teas, wines, and even pesto!

Health Benefits

Dandelions contain vitamins A, C, K and are rich in calcium, iron, and antioxidants. 

The health benefits range from skin care maintenance to cancer prevention. Additionally, dandelions are a natural diuretic making them great as a detox or aid in weight loss. For a more in-depth analysis, click here to check out 13 health benefits of these little flowers.

Dandelion Jam

This jam is tasty, syrupy, sweet, and loved by many. 

It has a similar texture to honey that is a great addition to your home. The best part about dandelion jam is that it is simple to make and the process allows some outdoor time with picking the flowers from your lawn. Generally the recipe involves picking a bunch of dandelions, boiling them and adding sugar. Here is a recipe with step-by-step instructions on how to create this little delicacy. Be creative with these jams by either adding vanilla or mixing with other fruits!

Dandelion Tea

There are a couple of ways to make tea with dandelions. 

One tea is made from the petals and another is made from the roots. The tea from petals is simple: steep the petals in boiling water. The tea from roots involves another step of roasting the roots. The roasted root tea is such a delight when blended with butter or coconut oil to create a creamy drink. Click here to discover a lovely guide on making this wintry drink.

Dandelion Wine

Not as quick to make as the jam or tea but well worth the wait. 

Dandelion wine is made through a process of fermentation and comes out a lightly sweet wine. Although dandelions by themselves are quite bitter, sugar adds a nice balance. Depending on your personal taste, more or less sugar can be added in order to make the wine to your liking. The Spruce has a great recipe to make this yummy cocktail.

Dandelion Pesto

This pesto is made by substituting the basil for dandelion greens. 

The dandelion greens have a distinct bitter flavor that make this pesto mouthwatering. This topping makes a wonderful addition to any sandwich, salad, or pasta. Check out this recipe for dandelion pesto that is vegan and natural.

These little wildflowers we see in almost every field or patch of grass have so much depth to them! Their health benefits contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle that can be consumed through dandelion jam, tea, wine, and pesto. Bring the well-being of nature into your home by trying out these fun recipes!

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Piper Young Nov 17,2017

I've had dandelion tea before. Yum! Dandelion pesto? I may have to give that a try!