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Etiquette for Promoting a Greenscape Business Online
By: Admin    November 22 2016 , 06:37 pm
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We live in a day and age of social media. There is hardly anything that is not on the web. Luckily, for small businesses, this is a lifesaver because it is one of your main means of survival and the best way to promote your business. When it comes to promoting your business using social media, however, there is a certain etiquette, a list of do’s and don’ts, to will help you be more successful.

  • Let us begin with the do’s, for there is a lot to do. For a greenscape business, you have got to inspire: why should we be greenscaping at all? What does greenscaping entail? Make your pages a case of show and tell, make it exciting! Ask questions and give answers.  
  • Target an audience. With hat types of people and companies are you trying to connect? What is your theme? Always be watchful that your posts are relevant.
  • Provide practical advice and valuable ideas. You are using social media as a treasure trove of good information about everything green, so always seek to be useful.
  • Give virtual rewards to people who are most     active on your site. Free giveaways every once in an while never hurt either.
  • Send daily or weekly emails with reminders or other useful information. If you sell a product, it is especially valuable to send emails with advice to your buyers about products that need further care.
  • Most importantly, engage with your customers. This will make you more credible. Social media helps, but it is not the person getting the work done: you and your team are. Let people know that there are humans behind it all working hard to provide you with the the best product because he or she believes it is the best and they are willing to go above and beyond so that you can have the best too, even if it is not your product.
  • There is a rule that is called the 1 out of 7. This rule means that only 1 out of every 7 posts should be a direct marketing post. The rest should be insightful and valuable posts that can help market your product, but should not be a direct marketing tool.
  • This takes us to the number one DO NOT: do not use social media as a means of free advertisement. This will only turn people away because they will find your page annoying and intolerant. Always try to be useful, not pushy.
Follow this etiquette; be creative; communicate; appreciate; and succeed! Good luck promoting!
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Paige Wadleigh Nov 30,2016

Great advice here! Thank you!!!

Marco Martinez Jan 17,2018

I definitely agree about engaging with your customers. Conversation is imperative.