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Low Maintenance Plants for Beginners
By: Admin    April 26 2018 , 02:20 pm
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Looking for easy greenery? 

Gardening and planting are one of the most stress-relieving activities one can enjoy. However, not everyone is born with a natural green thumb. 

When starting your outdoor garden or indoor garden for the first time, there are a few plants that are easier to care for than others, putting you on the right track to gardening success.

Hardy Plant Options

One of the factors that play into whether a plant will be hard to kill in your region is its hardiness.

Put very basically, a plant’s hardiness is its ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. A coneflower is a wonderful option for beginners. It has a hardiness of three all the way through nine, which means it can tolerate hot summers as well as a little frost. They are relatively drought-resistant as well! Besides being easy to care for they bring some benefits along with them. They come in a variety of colors such as purple, pink, crimson, white, yellow, orange, and sometimes green! Birds and butterflies are sure to stop by and visit often with these in your garden.

When it comes to indoor houseplants or potted plants, you have probably heard succulents and cacti suggested quite a few times. Try adding some color to your house with the classic houseplant, the begonia. Begonias are forgiving when it comes to watering, but too much water can kill them. They come in many species and colors like white, pink, red, orange, and yellow. In nature, they grow on the side of a cliff which is why they are perfect for hanging from a container. The sun is not an issue for them either; they can grow in either shade or sun!

Daylilies look like complicated flowers, but they are actually easy to grow and maintain and are sure to impress anyone that stops by your garden! They have a hardiness zone of three to ten. An extra bonus of this plant is that it virtually cannot be bothered by disease or pests and tolerates diverse soil conditions. If it happens to get over-watered once in a while, that is fine. If you happen to forget to water it for a few days, that is also fine. Of course, they will perform best if kept under the ideal conditions, but they will not die if they are neglected now and again. Daylilies are unique in that they only bloom in the daytime, hence their name. The buds and flowers can be eaten in soups or raw. When eaten, all parts of the flowers have a mild, peppery taste!

Another colorful addition to brighten up your home is the Hoya plant. It has a waxy appearance, which is why it is also commonly called the wax plant. Hoyas can tolerate very dry conditions, and can go days, even weeks, without water. They are a little more sensitive to light, but as long as they are not in the direct heat of midday they should be fine. Midday exposure may bleach their leaves and affect their bloom.

For more low-maintenance plant ideas, check out this article and photographic guide!

These are all bright and beautiful plants that are sure to turn your garden into something to be proud of. With time and practice, you can find more complicated plants that you can grow with ease. You will see your thumb turn bright green in no time!

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Francesca Moore Apr 27,2018

Begonias are one of my favorite low-maintenance plants!