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Repurposing Items into Planters
By: Admin    June 12 2018 , 08:30 am
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Category: Gardening , DIY

Plants can thrive in more than just pots.

When you think of a potted plant, the first image that usually comes to mind is a typical clay pot.

Instead of spending money on the traditional route, there could be a host of options around your house just waiting to be upcycled into a chic, new planter!

Old Toys

To satisfy the kid in your house or the kid in your heart, turn those old plastic animals or even dinosaur toys into a planter!

Most children’s toys are hollow, which is why they make great planters for smaller plants like succulents. Spray paint them to look more modern or leave their natural color to give them a vintage feel. The next thing you will need to do is cut a hole out of the toy’s top that is big enough for your plant. Be careful not to overwater in these planters, as the toys typically lack any kind of drainage. You could drill small holes in the bottom if it becomes an issue, especially for plants other than succulents that require regular draining.

Reusing Containers

Any kind of container can be used as a planter.

A tin can, old tea can, coffee container, or unused mug all have potential in your upcycled container gardenTo make these into planters, follow a similar process to the toy planter guide. No need to cut holes in these containers, as they are already there. If you are putting succulents into your mug or tin, drain holes are not essential. Other plants will require drainage, so drilling holes is a must. When drilling into your container, wear goggles to protect your eyes in case pieces chip off. Fill the upcycled container halfway with soil, place your plant in, and then continue packing the rest of the container with your choice of soil.

Wooden Pallets

This upcycle requires a bit more time and energy, but these home and garden store staples can be turned into beautiful, vertical planters.

To create your vertical planter you will need a pallet, extra pallet planks, a 2x4 plank, garden fabric, nails or screws, hammer, rubber mallet, a saw, sander, drill, scissors, outdoor stain, and of course, your herbs and plants.

Cut the 2x4 into 4 pieces (two 3’ sections and two 1’ sections). Start by cleaning your pallet and removing any unnecessary planks to make room for your plant boxes. Lay the pallet out to dry when you are finished. When dry, sand the pallet down until smooth and then stain it with your choice of color.

With the extra pallet planks and your rubber mallet, hammer the planks into the pallet to create your planters. You may need to trim them if they are too long. To make sure they are completely secure, drill a hole into the side of the planks and secure them with a screw or nail.

With the 2x4 pieces cut earlier, make legs for your vertical planter. Using the 1’ pieces, cut the top corner at a 45° angle that will later sit on top of the 3’ piece. After you have made that cut, screw the 1’ piece and 3’ piece together at an angle and attach them to the base of the pallet to act as the legs. The only thing left to do is line your planters with gardening fabric, fill with soil, and plant!

You can turn pretty much anything into a planter with a little imagination. Stay creative and happy planting!

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Kristen Pesta Jun 12,2018

I love using antique teacups that I find at thrift stores! A lot of them are the perfect size for a tiny succulent or other plant.

Jessica Wood Jun 12,2018

Great blog post! Tea cans and pallets are usually my go to, since those are usually things I have around the house anyway!

Paige Wadleigh Jun 13,2018

These are great ideas! Our most unusual planter is an old wooden cradle. This year we have some herbs and lettuce growing in it.