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An Introduction to Aquaponics
By: Admin    October 10 2017 , 09:17 pm
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What Are Aquaponics? An increased interest in sustainability and conservation has led many farmers to begin growing plants through hydroponic growing. Hydroponics cultivates plants using only water and a growing medium, with no soil necessary. This provides the opportunity to grow a substantially larger crop yield in less space.Aquaculture is a word used to describe the raising and cultivating of marine animals, fish, and crops that are grown in both fresh and salt waters. When you combine “aquaculture” and “hydroponics,” you end up with “aquaponics” – raising fish and plants together without soil, using only water!Fish waste provides plants with essential nitrates, and the plants in turn provide the fish with clean water. It takes work to ensure the plants and fish are thriving together. “These systems require monitoring to make sure everything is in balance and running smoot...