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Celebrating Autumn’s Arrival with Craft Beer
By: Admin    September 17 2017 , 03:47 pm
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Craft breweries are not just for millennials. They are becoming the new “pub” house – a gathering place for young and old alike. “Breweries have become third places, outside the home and office, where Americans congregate,” said Mike Stein, a beer researcher employed by DC Brau Brewing Company in Washington D.C., in an article for the latest Smithsonian Magazine. “They are gathering places that are in many ways replacing things like libraries and recreation centers within a neighborhood,” George Homewood, director of planning and community development for Norfolk, VA, said in the same article. “I read a quote – and I don’t remember from where – that you put in a microbrewery and a tasting room and if you’re not careful a whole neighborhood will grow up.”What Is a Craft Brewery?According to the Brewers Association for Small and Independent Craft Brewers, a craft brewery must be...