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Natural Attractions in Washington, D.C.
By: Admin    April 04 2018 , 08:30 am
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Category: Travel , Seasons
Springtime in D.C.When you think of visiting our nation’s capital for the day what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it is seeing famous monuments of American history, such as the Lincoln Memorial or the Capitol building. Many others come to visit the National Zoo or the numerous art, history, and science museums. In addition to spectacular architecture and history, D.C. is home to stunning natural beauty.The National Botanical Garden The founding fathers imagined a place where the nation could “collect, grow and distribute plants of this and other countries that might contribute to the welfare of the American people.”Established in 1820, the National Botanical Garden was officially opened to the public in 1850 and then moved to its current location in 1933. You can now enjoy the Botanical Garden year round including all weekends and holidays for free!The Botanical Garden gives you...
Top Botanical Gardens to Visit
By: Admin    September 28 2017 , 04:47 pm
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Category: Local , Nature , Garden , Horticulture
Why Visit Botanical Gardens?Did you know that botanical gardens are essential for saving endangered plants?According to a BBC report, “the world’s botanic gardens contain about a third of all known plants and help protect 40% of endangered species.” Moreover, “scientists say that with one in five of the world’s plants on the brink of extinction, botanic collections hold the key to saving rare plant life.” With all this in mind, botanical gardens are not only beautiful to visit, but edifying and eco-friendly.What Are Botanical Gardens?The history of botanical, or botanic, gardens can be traced all the way back to the “physic” garden found in Europe in the 1500’s and 1600’s. Physic gardens were a way to have medicinal plants on hand to study them and have access to their healing properties. The physic garden gradually developed into the modern day botanic garden that we see in urban a...