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Best Plants for Winter Indoor Gardening
By: Admin    October 25 2017 , 02:29 pm
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Indoor Winter Gardening TipsOnce cold weather arrives, you can still put your green thumb to use!Caring for plants in the winter is relatively simple, but there are a few factors to keep in mind:Plants needs less water in the winter because they tend to slow down their growth rate or even become dormant. Because of this, they will need less fertilizer (or none at all!).Your home environment will probably be much drier with the heat on, and plants need 50% humidity levels in the air to thrive. Keep the air humid with a humidifier, or by grouping the plants next to each other so they can exchange the moisture they produce. Also consider moving your plant to a moist room like the bathroom.If you are too cold or hot, your plant probably is too. Plants thrive in 65-75 degrees during the day, and no colder than 50 degrees at night. Keep this in mind and do not keep plants too close to cold windows or hot ven...