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Visiting Monterey, California
By: Admin    January 31 2018 , 10:05 pm
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Category: Road Trips , Nature
Visiting Monterey, CaliforniaThis gorgeous location on the California coast is a tourist destination, an ecologically significant part of the state, and an historic boon to the United States economy.Immortalized in John Steinbeck’s famous novel, Cannery Row, Monterey is more than just a book setting or the home of a popular type of cheese. Read more to learn all about this beautiful destination!Cannery RowThis historic area of California provided economic growth in fragile times.Cans of sardines - like this one - were a huge part of Monterey’s historyMonterey is located on a thriving ecological powerhouse known as Monterey Bay. “Due to the upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, funneled to the surface via the vast underwater Monterey Canyon...” sardines thrived off the coast of Monterey.  Chinese immigrants took their junks across the oc...
Canning Basics: Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor
By: Admin    August 28 2017 , 01:20 pm
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Category: Food , Sustainability , DIY , Seasons , Garden
Canning is a valuable skill.Nothing lets you get the best out of your garden like canning and preserving your yields. This timeless art has been utilized by farmers and gardeners for centuries for good reason. Your grandmothers were likely experts in canning, but that does not mean the skill is outdated or obsolete in modern society. Today, learning to can and preserve your produce will help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of your labor for months after harvesting. Instead of relying on canned grocery store products, you can stock your pantry with your own by using the proper techniques.“For me, it’s a sense of pride,” wrote Debbie Wolfe for Lovely Greens. “All the work I put into growing my own food can be appreciated when I pop open a jar of blueberry jam and spread it on my toast on a cold January morning.” Wolfe notes that with one taste, “I’m immediately tr...