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Your Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens
By: Admin    July 13 2017 , 10:35 pm
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If you are into fresh, homegrown food, creating a more sustainable lawn, and feeling a great sense of accomplishment, then you may want to consider buying chickens. There are numerous benefits to raising chickens, and setting up a backyard coop is relatively simple; so where to begin? Even though zoning laws vary from state to state, and there are many options on how to set up a coop, which breeds to buy, and how to maintain a healthy flock, owning a bird or two may be more rewarding – and accessible – than you think.Often people do not own chickens because it is illegal to do so in their area; so before you rush to the farm supply store, make sure to research your county’s zoning regulations. Contacting your local health board may also be necessary, and speaking directly to a county clerk can be helpful in understanding the legal documents you will need to access. Just make sure that you ab...