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Teaching Kids to Appreciate Nature
By: Admin    July 06 2018 , 06:00 am
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Some of the best childhood memories are made outside. Children’s imagination and energy should be nurtured, and nature is the perfect teacher. Playing outdoors is not only great for a child’s physical health but provides mental, social and academic benefits to their development through adolescence. Leave the video games inside and connect with nature instead! What’s So Great About Outside? Studies have shown that there is an academic advantage to the great outdoors. Science test scores improve by 27 percent when schools incorporate nature-based education and outdoor classrooms. Kids who are allowed unstructured playtime outside have improved social relations. They tend to learn about teamwork, make friends easier, and problem-solve which are critical life skills. Interacting with nature has also been shown to enhance children’s cognitive abilities and reduce sympto...
Gardening Crafts for St. Patrick's Day
By: Admin    March 16 2018 , 07:09 pm
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Category: Seasons , Nature
Crafting is the perfect way to Get into the St. Paddy's Day spirit.Get the family involved and “go green” with these fun crafts that incorporate seasonal spring greenery!St. Patrick’s Day is often associated with food-related fun – many people look forward to the creative alcoholic drinks, Irish soda bread, and traditional meals like corned beef and cabbage. However, as mid-March marks the beginning of spring, this is an ideal holiday to celebrate with creative gardening crafts.Crafting with Garden GreensYour family will love incorporating the great outdoors into these fascinating and fun projects.If the weather is nice where you are, you can get your kids outside and plant common Irish vegetables, such as peas and potatoes! In addition to being staples of Irish cuisine, peas and potatoes are cool season crops and March 17th is traditionally an ideal day to start them. If your garden ...
Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Extravaganza
By: Admin    April 04 2017 , 08:17 am
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Category: Eco-Friendly , DIY , Handmade
Easter is swiftly approaching, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to ready your home for spring loveliness. What better way to do that than with Easter eggs, the timeless classic? But for an eco-friendly twist, here are fun, natural alternatives to plastic eggs and synthetic dyes for your holiday!Instead of using store-bought dyes, consider making your own using fruits and vegetables. Not only is this method all-natural, but it can also introduce children to the many useful purposes of organic materials.To make the dye colors, combine one cup of water for every cup of produce you choose and place in a saucepan. Good produce choices for colors include blueberries or red cabbage for blue, ground turmeric for yellow, shredded beets for pink, and spinach for green.  You can also add two tablespoons of white vinegar and one teaspoon of salt to the solution – this will help the eggs absorb the c...
Get Kids Excited about Woodworking
By: Admin    January 30 2017 , 07:19 pm
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Category: Woodworking , Fun
The long, cold stretch between January and warmer spring months can feel interminable, especially with antsy children cooped up indoors and coming down from holiday excitement. Woodworking is the perfect activity to get them using their imaginations and energy for a creative purpose. Woodworking is a great way to bond with your children as well. With adult supervision, children can participate in fun projects that teach them fine motor skills, coordination, and craftsmanship at an early age. They will keep these skills for years to come, and you will have fun creations around the home to provide hours of entertainment.The most important aspect of woodworking with children is teaching them good safety habits. Michael Barton from Power Tools Planet writes on DIY Adulation that parents should take proper precautions, such as ensuring a clean and safe workspace, keeping a first-aid kit nearby, and dre...
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