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Starting Your Woodworking Business
By: Admin    July 10 2018 , 02:05 pm
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Category: Business , Woodworking
Woodworking is an incredible skill and a lucrative hobby. As the saying goes, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” With the right know-how, you can turn woodworking into a home business that could be a dream come true for you and your family. Getting Started Knowing what to do and where to start is a vital part in making your business dream a reality. Nothing can replace experience, but developing a strong knowledge base of the inner workings of the business can set you on the path to success. There are two common ways that most people in this profession gain initial business experience. There are courses you can take that will teach you more about woodworking itself and how to run a business. For a list of education opportunities, click here! Another more hands-on approach is to learn through an apprenticeship. If you are fortunate enoug...
All About Blacksmithing
By: Admin    July 09 2018 , 09:48 am
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Category: Tools , Handmade
Blacksmithing is an ancient and powerful craft.The art of blacksmithing has been around since Egyptian times, according to historians. Blacksmithing helped society to evolve by creating tools, goods, and weapons of war. There are still blacksmiths today, though it is not nearly as common a practice as it was 200 years ago. If you are searching for a unique skill, look no further.Blacksmithing ToolsBefore you start hammering a hot piece of red metal, you will need to buy your equipment. The biggest investment you will make is a forge. There are a few options from which to choose. You can purchase a coal, charcoal, or propane fueled forge. Coal is the cheaper and more common option. It burns hotter, longer, and is easier to light than its charcoal competitor, but because of environmental concerns, it is not as readily available in every state, due to regulations. Charcoal is the same substance used to li...
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Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent Candles
By: Admin    June 26 2018 , 01:40 pm
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Category: Outdoors , DIY
Summertime living isn’t quite so easy, thanks to mosquitoes. Hot, sticky weather encourages these dreaded insects to proliferate. Banish them from your outdoor spaces with DIY repellant candles! Your summer will be much more enjoyable without constantly swatting mosquitoes or suffering from their itchy bites. These mosquito repellent candles smell lovely and can even save you money in the long run. Repellent Candle Guide How do you make these handy candles? You will need unscented candle wax in bar or flaked form, jars for your candles, wicks, and essential oil. There are various essential oils that are known to ward off mosquitoes. The best known is citronella, but you may also use clove, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, or any combination of them! The first step is to glue the wicks to the bottom of the jar. You can repurpose an empty ...
Repurposing Items into Planters
By: Admin    June 12 2018 , 08:30 am
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Category: Gardening , DIY
Plants can thrive in more than just pots. When you think of a potted plant, the first image that usually comes to mind is a typical clay pot. Instead of spending money on the traditional route, there could be a host of options around your house just waiting to be upcycled into a chic, new planter!Old ToysTo satisfy the kid in your house or the kid in your heart, turn those old plastic animals or even dinosaur toys into a planter!Most children’s toys are hollow, which is why they make great planters for smaller plants like succulents. Spray paint them to look more modern or leave their natural color to give them a vintage feel. The next thing you will need to do is cut a hole out of the toy’s top that is big enough for your plant. Be careful not to overwater in these planters, as the toys typically lack any kind of drainage. You could drill small holes in the bottom if it becomes an issue, especiall...
How to Make a Rain Barrel
By: Admin    May 22 2018 , 09:38 am
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Category: Nature , DIY
Saving for a rainy day? Try building a rain barrel! Collecting rainwater is a fantastic way to save money and use naturals resources. Rain barrels collect the water runoff from a roof and store it for later use, typically to water gardens and lawns. During the wet summer months, you might conserve around 1,300 gallons of water. Using a rain barrel can save you an average of $35 a month on your water bill in the summer! Before building a rain barrel check your state regulations to see if there are any laws against it, as it is not legal in certain parts of North America. Selecting Your Barrel  All rain barrels are basically made the same way, but depending on the materials, it can cost anywhere from $15 to $150 and up. The primary tool you will need is, of course, a barrel. You can also recycle an outdoor trash can if you have one lying around -- this is one of the cheaper barre...