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Raising Ducks as an Alternative to Chickens
By: Admin    July 24 2017 , 12:28 pm
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When considering fine feathered fowl for your backyard, many people immediately think of chickens.  But why not consider raising ducks instead? Not only do they make adorable pets, but ducks are surprisingly low maintenance and also have many benefits for your yard. I recently spoke to a duck owner, Marana Moore, about her experiences raising magpie ducks.  “I love the fact that ducks are great for the garden on top of being a food source. They offer fantastic natural pest control, eating harmful insects like cutworms, beetles and slugs with relish. Left on their own these kinds of insects can wreak havoc on vegetables and flowers in a very short period of time! I'm thankful that my quack squad keeps them well under control, with far less damage to landscaping than chickens would cause.” Marana said.  Chickens are certainly more destructive to your landscaping.  If left alone, c...