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Pinhole Photography Day
By: Admin    April 27 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Photography , Facts
April 29th, 2018 is Pinhole Photography Day!Celebrated annually on the last Sunday of April, this day gives photography enthusiasts the chance to appreciate the pinhole camera.Nowadays, it seems like technology is advancing with every breath. VHS tapes became DVDs, which then became digital downloads. Cellphones have replaced traditional landline phones. Digital cameras are the new film camera. Although it is hard to find a VHS tape or landline phone today, there is still a large appreciation for the camera in all its forms. Pinhole Photography Day is just one of those ways to celebrate this wonderful tool.What Is A Pinhole Camera?The first detailed sketches and ideas that shaped the pinhole camera date back to famous Italian Renaissance inventor and artist, Leonardo Da Vinci in 1485. The images went from being projected on the wall to being printed on film in 1850, thanks to Sir David Brewster, a Scot...
Top 5 of the Latest and Greatest in Gardening Tools 2017
By: Admin    July 19 2017 , 03:59 pm
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Category: Tools , Garden , Innovation
Gardening is a fascinating activity that is greatly eased the use of all kinds of handy tools and gadgets. You may enjoy keeping up to date on the ever-evolving world of gardening tools as inventions and improvements are constantly being made to make your garden succeed in the best fashion. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 latest and greatest gardening tools for 2017, because only the best for your garden right?!Bamboo Working GlovesFor anyone who has ever spent even just a day out gardening you will quickly realize that gloves are essential. If you did not know this before gardening then you will after the blisters and soreness that come about from gardening gloveless. This is why PineTree Tools’ bamboo working gloves are a perfect fit for the ultimate gardening experience. In addition to the fact that they are eco-friendly, these gloves are suited for both men and women and are made with a...