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Using Goats to Landscape
By: Admin    July 29 2017 , 08:29 pm
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Is your yard overwhelmed by excess weeds or brush?Why not enlist a friendly goat or two to help you? It might sound bizarre, but local communities and even corporations such as Google are doing it!Rent A Goat is just one example of a goat landscaping company. Blogger Erin Spain hired a team of goats based in Atlanta, Georgia called Get Your Goat Rentals. There are other companies out there as well – more than most would think! So why goats? It turns out there are numerous benefits to hiring our hooved friends to do landscaping for you. Here are a few of them.Goats are eco-friendly. When you hire a goat to trim your unwanted vegetation, you are not using harmful chemicals or pesticides or gas-powered mowers. Goats naturally fertilize your lawn as they graze, which is an added bonus! A good example from the heart of our nation is when the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., hired goats to clean...