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Building a Successful Home Inside and Out
By: Admin    December 12 2016 , 07:29 pm
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Category: Advice , Landscape , Innovation
We are building a new home - when should we look into landscape design?The time is finally here! You’re building a new home! This is an exciting yet potentially stressful endeavor. For so many people the idea of additionally planning a landscape design for their new home can seem a like daunting and intimidating task. This task often times comes as an afterthought in order of importance. Ideally though, the partnership of architecture and landscape design should be in conjunction with each other! Landscape and Architecture TogetherBy developing a landscape plan in conjunction with the architectural design, you will enjoy a better building experience, a fabulously superior end result, and a significant saving in the overall cost. Savvy homeowners are those that recognize that the key to a successful project is to take a "big picture" approach to design by involving the landscape de...
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How to Protect Your Zoysia Lawn
By: Admin    November 22 2016 , 07:43 pm
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Category: Horticulture , Plant Care
Getting rid of clover and other weeds in a zoysia lawn.So you want to get rid of some clovers in your zoysia lawn? Zoysia is a hardy grass; it is heat and drought resistant making it a good option for those in the “transition zone” of the United States, ranging from Kansas to the Carolinas. (It doesn’t fare so well in cooler weather going from its signature lush green to brown before you can say “pumpkin spice season” three times fast). And now you have uneven and scraggly clovers popping up in your oh-so-carefully manicured lawn? That aesthetic is not gonna fly.Zoysia grass is known for its dense growth which makes a good line of defense against invasive weeds. The best way to support this natural defense is to keep healthy lawn care practices. Treat your yard right! This means keeping your zoysia lawn properly mowed, watered and fertilized. Invasive weeds are usually an indication of proble...
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