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An Interview with Strong Oaks Woodshop
By: Admin    November 13 2017 , 04:41 pm
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Strong Oaks Woodshop – Front Royal, VirginiaMike Schmiedicke was a normal guy with a white-collar job for many years. Doing web programming and database development meant he sat at a desk and stared at a computer day in and day out. But when he came home, he went into his garage and he built things. “It was my therapy,” Mike said. “My wife and I had a deal. She would bring me a kids’ catalog with a learning tower or rocking horse in it and ask me to make it. Once I did, I could spend that money we saved on my collection of carpentry tools instead.”Back in 2001, starting a wood shop out of a hobby was nothing more than a hope and a dream – but the seeds of an idea had already begun. Mike came up with a plan to gradually transition from web development into woodworking full-time. In 2008, he started selling things on Etsy – he was actually one of the first furniture makers to ut...
Traditional Elements and Modern Style: A Guide to Your Garden Masterpiece
By: Admin    July 18 2017 , 03:41 pm
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Category: Nature , DIY , Garden , Art
Welcome to your guide on how to turn your garden into a masterpiece with the help of garden art. Pulling from traditional elements and mixing with modern style - your garden is your canvas and garden art is your paint. The beauty of turning your garden into a work of art is that by doing so, you are making your space unique and original.Choosing Your ThemeDepending on what type of garden you already have, you will most likely want to incorporate your art pieces into the already existing theme. How do you choose a theme? Horticultural expert Barbara Damrosch says, “There are no hard and fast rules, but if you have a modern house or a very old-fashioned house, what will compliment it?” Try to keep in mind what your foundation is and plan accordingly.Here are a few themes to consider:If you like a whimsical garden feel, then go for a fantasy garden. You can achieve this by filling your garden wit...