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Pros and Cons of Your Business Going Green
By: Admin    June 19 2018 , 11:09 pm
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Is Your Company Considering Going Green? With pollution still on the rise, more and more companies across the nation are pursuing environmentally-friendly options to limit negative impacts in nature. If you are considering making the leap to a greener company, there are a couple of unexpected perks to it, as well as a few obstacles you may have to prepare for. Costs to Consider The initial cost of switching to energy-efficient technology can add anywhere from 10 to 30 percent to your bill. It is expensive initially because green technology is still relatively new, and supply is more limited. If you cannot afford to buy a new refrigerator, toilet, or cooling system, you could start by replacing a few light bulbs! Those who have switched to more energy-efficient buildings have seen their electricity usage cut by up to 35 percent. Add a few low-flow toilets and you could see your ...
Choosing Between a Wood Stove and a Fireplace
By: Admin    March 23 2018 , 05:28 pm
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Category: Home , Ideas
Wood-Burning Stoves vs. FireplacesWinter is a perfect time to get a crackling fire going in your house. But is it better to have a fireplace or a wood stove to warm your home? Here are some comparisons to help you decide! Aesthetic BeautyThe way a fireplace or a wood-burning stove looks can be a huge decision-making factor for a homeowner.Nothing says “cozy” as successfully as a warm crackling fire in the winter time. Most people love fireplaces for their aesthetic charm – and of course, being able to have a decorated mantel above a fireplace is a beloved Christmas tradition! Here are a few beautiful fireplaces:This eye-catching stone fireplaceThis fireplace mantel all decorated for ChristmasAn ornate mantel on displayWood burning stoves tend to be bulky and awkward-looking, although with the right elements they can be stylish additions to a home. Here are some ideas for a wood stove from Pi...
Tips for Keeping Warm in an Older Home
By: Admin    February 20 2018 , 02:38 pm
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Category: Winter , Seasons , Advice
Tips for Keeping Warm in an Older HomeWith a little elbow grease and forward thinking, you can effectively winterize your home!Older homes that have less insulation can let cold winter drafts inside your house, making everyone miserable and driving up your heating bill. Read on to find out ways to insulate your home and keep everyone warm. Change Your FiltersBy simply replacing your furnace filters once a month, you can save some serious cash!It is easy to neglect your furnace filters, but when you do not replace them frequently they can get clogged with dust and dirt and make your heating bill skyrocket. Replacing furnace filters once a month during the winter will help your heating system work more efficiently.If you have an old furnace, it might be time to buy a new one. The upfront cost might be expensive, but the amount you save over time could make it worth your while. Look into federal tax credi...
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