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Wildcrafted Quill Pens and Ink
By: Admin    April 18 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Nature , DIY
Writing used to be a complicated task.If you wanted to write a letter to a friend a couple hundred years ago, it was not as easy as buying mass-produced pens and paper. Writing utensils were handcrafted. Pens were simple tools, made of carefully carved sturdy feathers, or quills. Getting ink was a more complicated process. People produced their own ink from ingredients found in nature. Using creativity and a little bit of science they created a vast variety of colored inks, and improved them through time. Famed Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci used ink made from black walnuts during the Renaissance Era, and people continued to make this type of ink for centuries. Iron gall ink was used in the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence, which lasted longer than black walnut ink, but demanded more chemistry. With the right materials and know-how, you too can make your own quill and ink ...