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4 Hardscape Trends to Watch for in 2017
By: Admin    March 13 2017 , 05:52 pm
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Following the 2008 “Great Recession,” hardscape suffered in popularity, as homeowners downgraded and interest in outdoor features waned. But over the past few years, hardscape additions have seen a steady trend upwards, buoyed by increased consumer interest in maximizing their homes’ practical features and ensuring eco-friendly habits.The term “hardscape” refers to any man-made features or structures incorporated into a landscape, such as paths, benches, or pavilions. There are perennial hardscape favorites that are likely never to decrease in popularity such as fire pits, but new design elements are taking the lead in 2017.Outdoor Living SpacesHome additions such as outdoor kitchens have been popular for a long time, but the past few years have seen a steady rise not just in kitchens, but in outdoor living spaces in general. These areas are designed[2] to be another place for the family...