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Practical Permaculture
By: Admin    July 28 2017 , 06:54 pm
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What do phrases like “edible garden,” “self-sustaining landscape,” and “productive ecology” have in common? They are all real benefits of one all-encompassing, fast-growing system: Permaculture. A combination of the words “permanent” and “agriculture,” permaculture does not have one specific definition; however, this method usually denotes the adoption of farming and gardening practices to enhance sustainability, productivity, and harmony in your landscape. Working with benefits found in nature, permaculture takes various gardening tactics, (composting, mulching, plant placement, etc.), and transforms any lawn into hearty and sustainable land. If your garden is not yielding hoped-for results, it may be time to try permaculture and not just organic gardening. If you are into working harmoniously with your landscape and producing all kinds of delicious plants through your own efforts,...