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A Guide to Fall Flowers
By: Admin    October 18 2017 , 09:51 am
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Fall Floral FunFall is here, but that does not mean your flower garden needs to dry up. Let this handy guide to fall flowers lead the way in your autumn garden preparations!Using the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to identify what plants grow best in your area is the first way to start planning your autumn flower garden. Once you discover your zone, you can plot which flowers you will plant this fall! If you want to give some of these popular fall varieties a go, here is a little background on each one.MumsGarden mums (also known as chrysanthemums) are a classic fall addition to any garden. If they are planted in late summer or early fall before the first frost, mums can establish a strong root system and have the potential to last through the winter. With numerous varieties of shapes and colors, they can elevate any landscape to suit your style and color preferences. When you buy mums, make sure to buy...
How to Plant a Butterfly Garden
By: Admin    May 30 2017 , 08:39 pm
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Category: Eco-Friendly , Nature , DIY , Garden
Butterflies are a perennial joy to witness during warm weather seasons. But did you know you can grow a haven for butterflies in your own backyard? By selecting specific plants and ensuring that certain conditions for heat and shelter are met, butterflies will soon be flocking to your flora.The first step in creating a butterfly garden is finding an ideal location. These beautiful creatures need heat and sunlight to feed and thrive, since they are cold-blooded insects. Make sure that you choose a sunny, well-lit area that is sheltered from the wind. If you plant in an area that is too shady or exposed to the elements, the local butterflies will not be attracted. You can encourage butterflies to bask by placing a few wide, flat rocks in your garden – these will absorb heat and provide convenient landing places for the butterflies to warm up.There are a wi...
The Disappearance of Bumble Bees
By: Admin    April 30 2017 , 03:52 pm
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Category: Nature , Sustainability , Garden
While many of us might fear bee stings, bumble bees are not actually that aggressive.  Without bumble bees and the pollination they provide, over 1/3 of our common grocery items would not be available.  Earlier this year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the rusty patched bumble bee as the first bee to become endangered. We should all stop and take action to protect it from extinction.The rusty patched bumble bee is only one of the many bumble bee species in the United States. Rusty patched bees used to be spotted all over the United States but their numbers have now decreased by an upsetting 87%.  The rusty patched bee population has been relegated to 13 states in the U.S. and is now teetering on the brink of extinction.  There are numerous reasons why this bumble bee is endangered.  The loss of their habitat is a big cause. With the ever-increasing push to develop va...