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Team Building Activities
By: Admin    May 16 2018 , 08:00 am
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Team building exercises are common among workplaces. The purpose is to help increase team performance, motivation, networking, collaboration skills, and communication. It can be a very useful tool! Since the weather is warming up, you and your co-workers may be starting to catch a bit of spring fever. This is a great opportunity to spend some time out of the office and work on team building skills.Rock ClimbingIf your team is up for a real challenge, rock climbing has recently gained popularity as a team-building exercise. Not only will rock climbing excite your employees more than doing trust falls in the parking lot, but it is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping. A team that sweats together, stays together! Because there is a challenge involved, you can expect to see confidence levels increase when the team overcomes that challenge. Rock climbing takes a lot of trust, so if one of your goals is ...
GTH Cash Credits
By: Admin    October 12 2016 , 09:06 am
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This is how it works!Earning GTH Cash Credits is easy, requires no purchase and has so many ways to reward your participation in the Green touch hub community network.Sign upSign up; it’s always free to create an account!Earn by simply being socialExplore the Green touch hub . . . navigate through this feature rich network . . .  and enjoy a whole new experience in communicating with members who share your interest and enthusiasm for all things greenscape.There is so much to share –so much to see – and so much to learn in this friendly environment. Share videos, pictures, posts, and links with individuals and businesses in real-time! Join conversations – meet industry leaders– learn about what’s hot and what’s not – keep up with technology – refer your peers and develop new friends.Get RewardedApply your GTH cash credits to purchase specialized products and services, one-of-kind ...
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