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The Future of Algae in Science
By: Admin    December 15 2017 , 08:30 am
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All that Glitters… Is AlgaeThe future is bright - bioluminescent in fact! In the popular movie Moana, the heroine tricks a villainous crab with bioluminescent algae. But what if algae is more than just pretty plankton? What if it is the future?Scientists Turn Algae into FuelResearchers have converted algae into fuel in less than an hour.A team out of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington discovered a quick and efficient way to turn algae into fuel, according to a 2013 article in Smithsonian Magazine. The makeup of petroleum is very similar to algae, but the process of converting algae into fuel is much better for the environment.  Part of the incentive for using algae is that algae consume carbon dioxide and can be grown in just about any body of water. Because algae is similar to petroleum, it can be refined at the same facilities.I...
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How Robotics are Aiding Growth in the Green Industry
By: Admin    October 17 2017 , 02:40 pm
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Agricultural Aid from… Robots?Robotics offer promising new innovations that are making waves in agriculture and landscaping industries. Farmers and greenhouse owners are using robotic innovations to help with labor shortages, maximize production, and save money. Take a look at popular crowd founding websites for a glimpse at what the future holds.Picking and Harvesting ProduceThese robots use vacuums to pick apples, and are able to gently remove them from trees in large quantities.A firm called Abundant Robotics is building a robotic apple picker with the help of a $10 million investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures). Here is a YouTube video showing their robot vacuuming apples off trees.In an article for Tech Crunch, CEO Dan Steere explained: “It’s very difficult to locate fruit that’s ready to be picked within a canopy and then retrieve it without turning it into apple sauce.” Yet, tha...