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Growing Urban Greenery on Rooftop Gardens
By: Admin    March 13 2017 , 05:57 pm
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More young people living in cities and urban areas are looking to create green spaces in their homes, and the personal benefits of doing so are endless. You can grow your own food, spending less money at grocery stores and cultivating an eco-friendly lifestyle; you can create a meditative retreat space for peace and relaxation; your garden can even help provide an attractive, modern aesthetic in your home.In any urban area, the biggest issue is maximizing a small amount of space. Apartment patios are notoriously small. Even a building’s entire roof is not able to compare to the amount of gardening space you would get on the ground.Vertical gardens and planters are spiking in popularity, as they maximize small spaces. They will fit in even the smallest apartment balcony. To start out a rooftop garden, Amazon sells these 5 Tier Stackable Herb Gardens, which save space and distribute water among plants....