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Growing a Successful Seaside Garden
By: Admin    March 22 2017 , 07:16 pm
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Category: Lawn Care , Garden , Advice
Living near the ocean is a coveted location that many people long for, but the benefits of being near the coast can be lessened by the harsh conditions on your landscape. Strong coastal winds, saltwater spray, and sandy soil can all cause significant challenges to any gardening goals you have for your home. Soil near the beach has more sand in it, thus causing more natural salt to accumulate and causing plants to have a hard time thriving. This is known as soil salinity.  The best way to adjust your soil is to make sure it is draining well so the excess salt can be washed away.  If you live near the ocean, the land will be pretty flat, so you might need to make a draining system for your soil by installing pipes.  Just make sure that your pipes drain into your own property and not into a neighbor’s who might get upset!  You can also improve the soil quality by supplementing it wit...