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Hammocks and Camping
By: Admin    July 24 2018 , 01:57 pm
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Category: Camping , Outdoors
Hammocks can be the perfect bed for your camping experience! Although tents are usually the natural camping sleep choice, hammocks are becoming more popular as outdoor beds. A lot of campers report that they get a better night’s sleep in a hammock, versus a tent. Tents have plenty of positives, such as providing shelter from the elements, but hammocks can be more soothing and sleep-inducing. Read on to decide whether hammocks are right for you! Higher-Quality Sleep The best thing about hammocks is that they require no extra gear to make them more comfortable. Tents usually need a padded sleeping bag or possibly a cot. If you have ever slept in a tent, you know that there are often loose rocks or branches that you might have missed while surveying and preparing your spot. Sleeping on the ground can be very uncomfortable. With a hammock, you are suspended from the ground, which...