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Repurposing Items into Planters
By: Admin    June 12 2018 , 08:30 am
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Category: Gardening , DIY
Plants can thrive in more than just pots. When you think of a potted plant, the first image that usually comes to mind is a typical clay pot. Instead of spending money on the traditional route, there could be a host of options around your house just waiting to be upcycled into a chic, new planter!Old ToysTo satisfy the kid in your house or the kid in your heart, turn those old plastic animals or even dinosaur toys into a planter!Most children’s toys are hollow, which is why they make great planters for smaller plants like succulents. Spray paint them to look more modern or leave their natural color to give them a vintage feel. The next thing you will need to do is cut a hole out of the toy’s top that is big enough for your plant. Be careful not to overwater in these planters, as the toys typically lack any kind of drainage. You could drill small holes in the bottom if it becomes an issue, especiall...
Low Maintenance Plants for Beginners
By: Admin    April 26 2018 , 02:20 pm
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Category: Gardening , Plant Care
Looking for easy greenery? Gardening and planting are one of the most stress-relieving activities one can enjoy. However, not everyone is born with a natural green thumb. When starting your outdoor garden or indoor garden for the first time, there are a few plants that are easier to care for than others, putting you on the right track to gardening success. Hardy Plant OptionsOne of the factors that play into whether a plant will be hard to kill in your region is its hardiness. Put very basically, a plant’s hardiness is its ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. A coneflower is a wonderful option for beginners. It has a hardiness of three all the way through nine, which means it can tolerate hot summers as well as a little frost. They are relatively drought-resistant as well! Besides being easy to care for they bring some benefits along with them. They come in a variety of colors su...
How to Incorporate Succulents into Your Home or Landscape
By: Admin    September 11 2017 , 08:09 pm
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Splendid SucculentsYou are probably seeing succulents all over Pinterest and Instagram – those cute little potted plants that are sweeping the nation. Succulents vary from flowered versions, to desert cacti, to the garden staple “hens and chicks,” and all of them are nearly impossible to kill. As a result of their hardiness and pleasing appearance, they are currently being incorporated into wedding bouquets, apartment living, coffee shops, party favors, and even nail art.Gwyneth Kelly says this about succulents in an article for The New Republic: “Succulents are the closest plant to plastic, and you really have to try for it to die. For a millennial obsessed with authenticity in this pre-apocalyptic age of the Kardashians and social media, there’s nothing better. I barely have to remember to water my succulents; they survive in spite of me. I get to feel like I am somehow connected to the ear...